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I’m an athlete…I drank all 24 taps!

February 4th

Opening Ceremonies – Join us for delicious samples from Gold Medal Winning Establishment Brewery 5-8pm & lets watch our athletes waive our flag.

February 4th – 20th

Gold Medal Winning Tap – We will be tracking all the beer you order, and the most enjoyed tap will win the Gold Medal Tap with ultimate bragging rights!

Summer Olympics VS Winter Olympics Beer Flights – Nothing like a little healthy competition between the age old tale of light vs dark beers

Olympic Inspired Cocktails – Our team has been working hard on some crushable cocktails & infused liquor shots to enjoy, let us know what you think

Beer Marathon – be entered for a chance to win a $200 Free House gift card and merch by drinking a 14oz glass of each of our 24 beers on tap. Be independent and win all of the glory all by yourself, or come down with your pals and become a drinking team. Grab an official Beer Passport from any of our staff and keep track of what your enjoy with us over 10 epic days.