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Join us on Thursday September 28th from 2-4 pm for a tasting of Common Crown’s new ‘Pride Alive Berry Hard Seltzer’ in support of Calgary Pride. Created in collaboration with a team of LGBTQS+ friends and family, this hard seltzer celebrates the many faces of pride. Featuring local artist Zack Aboulazm, this bright & bubbly drink will be available at Free House this weekend!

Common Crown Brewing Co. is the result of the hard work and determination of two brothers and a great friend that reflects our love for well-crafted beers and everything social. Whether through music, the arts, or beer, we strive to bring people together.

The garage days of Common Crown Brewing Co. was more than just the excitement of home brewing, it was the coming together of great people and being able to share our excitement of the latest brew. This is the foundation of which we were founded on, a dream to create a bonafide brewery crafting amazing beers for good times and great conversations.