This event has ended.

City of Calgary/AHS Regulations

  • As mandated by the City of Calgary on August 1st, 2020 friends of Free House will be required to wear a mask if you wish to visit the beer hall. Please ensure that you and your friends are wearing a mask upon entering, while moving around from your table (including the bathroom), and upon exiting. If you forgot yours at home or are in need of one, we are happy to provide you with a disposable mask and $1 will be added to your bill. Ready to enjoy that cold, crisp beer? No masks required once you are in those seats.
  • Maximum six per table, yes kids count, but if you call ahead and let us know your party is larger we will do our very best when you arrive to get two tables as close together as possible, just no mingling.

Our Procedures

  • We have spaced all tables 2m apart due to AHS regulations and where any tables aren’t we have installed plexiglass dividers as well as at the bar to ensure everyones safety.
  • All common areas have sanitizer provided as well as each of our tables, and we ask that you use our sanitizer before entering the building.
  • All high touch traffic areas are sanitized regularly following full sanitization protical
  • Each pathway inside and upstairs on the patio has been marked with arrows to ensure everyone has enough space to move around the beerhall with ease.
  • Please let our awesome staff greet you at the front door, they will grab a name and phone number from one member of your party to ensure we can contact you should we need to.