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Bring Free House Home for the Holidays

Enjoy the warmth and smells of a full turkey dinner roasting in your oven, but let us do the work for you so that you can enjoy this special time with family and friends!

Quantities are limited so Book Early! Please order by December 21st at 1pm.
Dinner for 4 to 6 people $34.95 per person

Holiday Dinner Includes:

-Turkey that is brined, trussed and ready to roast in your oven.

-Classic turkey gravy.

-Caramelized onion, brown butter, and chestnut stuffing.

-Glens world famous cranberry sauce.

-Maple roasted winter root vegetables.

-Brussels sprouts with double smoked bacon, roasted garlic, and thyme.

-Spaghetti squash featuring Manitoba buckwheat honey and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Add Erin’s delicious pumpkin pie! $24.95

Ask us about pairing wine or beer with your night in.

Pickup available between 1:00pm and 4:00pm December 23rd.

To order email