This event has ended.

It finally feels like summer around here and we want to make the cooking easy this weekend!
Pre-order our Long Weekend BBQ kit online, for pickup available Thursday to Saturday, please put your order in the day before so we can prepare everything.
Weekend Grill Kit Includes:
– All natural 6oz AAA beef sirloin steaks.
– B.C. Corn on the cobb.
– Summer vegetable and white bean salad, tomato, radish, citrus vinaigrette.
– Roasted fingerling potatoes, fresh thyme, lemon, garlic.
– Peanut butter stout Nanaimo bars and dark chocolate beer truffles. (GF)
$19.99 per person
Hot Dogs & Sunshine Kit Includes:
– Wagyu beef hot dog and bun.
– Ketchup, grainy mustard, house made sauerkraut.
– Classic potato salad.
– House made bread and butter pickles.
$12.99 per person